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I am not able to come with my partner , it takes very long time

When I am with my partner it takes very long to come , many times I need to imagine other woman for coming
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It’s completely normal to experience challenges in intimate relationships, and you’re not alone in this. Remember that every individual is unique, and what you’re going through is a common concern that many people face at some point in their lives. It’s important to approach this with understanding and without any judgement.

The difficulty you’re facing in reaching orgasm with your partner is known as delayed ejaculation. It’s essential to explore the possible reasons behind this concern. Several factors could contribute to delayed ejaculation, such as stress, anxiety, relationship dynamics, certain medications, or underlying medical conditions. Additionally, the need to imagine other women to achieve orgasm might be indicative of some psychological factors that need attention.

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Also, differences in arousal patterns between partners can play a significant role in delayed ejaculation or other sexual challenges. Each individual’s preferences and stimulations vary, and understanding and respecting these differences are crucial for a satisfying sexual experience. 

One possible solution is open communication with your partner about your feelings, desires, and any concerns you may have. Creating a comfortable and understanding environment can go a long way in addressing this concern together. Trying out new experiences or techniques in the bedroom may also help. Moreover, reducing stress and anxiety through relaxation techniques or mindfulness practices could positively impact your sexual experiences.

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If you find that the concern persists despite trying various approaches, seeking guidance from a healthcare professional or a sex therapist would be beneficial. They are experienced in dealing with such matters and can offer personalised advice tailored to your specific situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help; it’s a positive step towards enhancing your sexual well-being and overall relationship.

Remember that achieving sexual satisfaction in a relationship can take time and effort. With empathy, understanding, and open communication, you and your partner can work together to improve your intimate experiences. If needed, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance. Your sexual health is essential, and taking steps to address any concerns can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying relationship.


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