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Anoush Gomes • 12 March, 2023

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Your comprehensive guide to understanding about Consensual Sex

Consent is an essential aspect of healthy sexual experiences and relationships. It ensures that each person involved is fully willing and able to participate in sexual activity and that their boundaries and desires are respected.


When sex is non-consensual, it can be harmful and traumatic, both physically and emotionally, for the victim. It is a violation of their bodily autonomy and their right to make choices about their own body.


This handbook is not a substitute for medical advice or self-administered treatment.

If you are experiencing any sexual health concerns, we encourage you to book a call with our sexual heath experts to guide you through your queries and treatment.

Lesson 1

Consensual Sex

couple who are in to Consensual Sex

Consensual sex refers to sexual activity that is agreed upon and fully consensual by all parties involved. It involves both parties giving their explicit and enthusiastic consent to engage in sexual activity, free from coercion or pressure.


Learn more about why sex should always be consensual and how consensual sex could possibly affect your sex life positively.

Lesson 2

Consensual Sex Scenarios

happy couple who are involved in Consensual Sex

Consensual sex scenarios can take many different forms, as they depend on the preferences and boundaries of the individuals involved. However, some common features of consensual sex scenarios may include aspects such as clear communication, enthusiastic and ongoing consent, respect for boundaries and mutual pleasure. 

Lesson 3

Consensual Sex Consequences

couple discussing about the Consensual Sex Consequences

The consequences of consensual sex can range from physical health benefits to emotional impacts on relationships and personal well-being. In this regard, it is crucial for individuals to make informed decisions about their sexual choices, practice safe sexual intercourse, and communicate clearly and respectfully with their partners to ensure that consensual sexual encounters are mutually enjoyable and respectful. However, consensual sex can have consequences that can be both positive and negative, which may vary depending on individual experiences and circumstances.