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Anoush Gomes • 17 February, 2023

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Sexual Dysfunctions & Addictions Homepage

Your comprehensive guide to understanding about Sexual Dysfunctions & Addictions Homepage


This handbook is not a substitute for medical advice or self-administered treatment.

If you are experiencing any sexual health concerns such as Sexual Dysfunction, we encourage you to book a call with our sexual heath experts to guide you through your queries and treatment.

Lesson 1

Porn Addiction And Sexual Dysfunction

woman watching porn on smartphone in the bed at night

Porn addiction is a condition in which an individual becomes compulsively addicted to viewing pornographic content. This addiction can lead to a variety of negative consequences, including sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction refers to any difficulty a person may experience during any stage of the sexual act, including difficulty becoming aroused, maintaining an erection, or reaching orgasm. It is important to note that while some individuals may develop a porn addiction and subsequently experience sexual dysfunction, the relationship between the two is not fully understood and more research is needed to establish a causal link. If you feel that you may be struggling with a porn addiction or sexual dysfunction, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional or counselor for guidance and support.

Lesson 2

Masturbation And Sexual Dysfunction

Young beautiful girl or woman sleeping alone in big bed at night after masturbation

Masturbation is a normal and healthy sexual behavior that is practiced by people of all genders and sexual orientations. It is a way for individuals to explore their own bodies and discover what feels pleasurable.


However, excessive masturbation can lead to physical and emotional problems, such as sexual dysfunction. This can include difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, or anorgasmia (difficulty reaching orgasm).


It is important to keep in mind that sexual dysfunction can have many causes and that excessive masturbation may not be the sole or primary cause. Additionally, some people may experience sexual dysfunction regardless of their masturbation habits.


If you are experiencing sexual dysfunction, it is recommended to speak with a healthcare provider or a mental health professional to help determine the cause and to develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Lesson 3

Nicotine And Sexual Dysfunction

man holding smoking a cigarette in hand. Cigarette smoke spread. Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Effective Treatment Options

Nicotine, the main psychoactive compound found in tobacco products, can have negative effects on sexual function in both men and women. In men, nicotine can cause erectile dysfunction by decreasing blood flow to the penis. Additionally, smoking can decrease sperm count and quality. In women, smoking can cause decreased lubrication and sexual arousal. Nicotine addiction can also lead to decreased sexual desire. Quitting smoking can help to improve sexual function and overall sexual health.

Lesson 4

Alcohol And Sexual Dysfunction

man addicted to alcohol

Chronic consumption of alcohol can lead to sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In men, alcohol can cause erectile dysfunction (ED) by decreasing blood flow to the penis. It can also lower testosterone levels, decrease libido, and delay or prevent ejaculation. In women, alcohol can cause decreased sexual desire, difficulty achieving orgasm, and vaginal dryness.


However, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to decreased sexual function and an overall decrease in sexual pleasure. It is important to consume alcohol in moderation and to be aware of how it may affect your sexual function. 

Lesson 5

Nitrites Poppers And Sexual Dysfunction

man sitting alone and thinking about Sexual Dysfunction

Poppers, also known as alkyl nitrites, are recreational drugs that are inhaled to relax smooth muscles and increase blood flow. They are sometimes used as a sexual enhancer and to enhance sexual pleasure. However, long-term use of poppers has been linked to sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction and decreased libido. Additionally, poppers can cause a number of other health problems, including headaches, dizziness, and even damage to the nervous system and eyes. It’s always best to consult a doctor before using any drugs and to use them in moderation if they are used. 

Lesson 6

Ketamine And Sexual Dysfunction

Bottle of Ketamine with a syringe in white background. Dangerous drug with drug powder.

Ketamine is a medication that is primarily used as an anesthetic in medical and veterinary settings. However, it has also been used off-label as a treatment for certain mental health conditions, such as depression and PTSD.


Ketamine can cause a wide range of side effects, including changes in sexual function. Some studies have suggested that ketamine may cause temporary sexual dysfunction, such as difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection in men, or decreased sexual desire. However, more research is needed to understand the full extent of the drug’s impact on sexual function, and these side effects may vary depending on the dose and duration of use.


It’s important to discuss any potential side effects of ketamine with a healthcare provider before starting treatment, and to report any changes in sexual function to your healthcare provider.

Lesson 7

Steroid And Sexual Dysfunction


Steroids, also known as anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), can cause sexual dysfunction in both men and women. In men, steroids can lead to decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, and infertility. In women, steroids can cause irregular menstrual cycles, decreased breast size, and deepening of the voice. Long-term use of steroids can also cause more serious health problems such as heart disease and liver damage. It’s important to note that the sexual dysfunction caused by steroids can be reversible once the individual stops using the drug. 

Lesson 8

Cannabis And Sexual Dysfunction

closed up mustache man smoke Cannabis joint

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, has been shown to have mixed effects on sexual function. Some studies have found that cannabis can increase libido and enhance sexual pleasure, while others have found that it can decrease sexual desire and cause erectile dysfunction or difficulty achieving orgasm. The effects of cannabis on sexual function may be different for men and women, and may also vary depending on the individual’s level of tolerance and the amount of cannabis used. Additionally, many people use cannabis in combination with other drugs or alcohol, which can further complicate the relationship between cannabis and sexual dysfunction. Overall, more research is needed to fully understand the effects of cannabis on sexual function.