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MBBS • Certified Sexual Health Expert
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Dr. Vignan, a Sexual Health physician based in Hyderabad, expertly manages concerns such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. With over 11 years of global experience working with clinics and telemedicine companies, he advocates holistic well-being, stressing the significance of balance in patients' lives. Dr. Vignan's collaborative approach distinguishes him in crafting comprehensive health plans, underscoring his commitment to fitness and personalized lifestyle modifications. Beyond his medical expertise, he is an accomplished triathlete and endurance athlete, securing more than 30 victories across swimming, running, and cycling events.
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Commonly Treated Conditions
Erection Problems
100+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Erectile Dysfunction
Hardness Problem
Erection Problems
Early Climax
100+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Nocturnal Emission
Early Ejaculation
Rapid Ejaculation
Quick Ejaculation
50+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Vaginal Pain
Pain with Attempts at Sex
Painful Intercourse
Pain During Sex
Couple Sex Problems
45+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Sex-less relationship
Unconsummated relationship
Porn Addiction
35+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Compulsive Porn Watching
Excessive Porn
High Sexual Urges
Sexual Desire Concerns
40+ Patients seen
Treatment icon ED
Low Interest in Sex
Low Sex Drive
Low Libido
Low Sexual Urges
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