Dr. Mizba Amreen
1 year
English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi
Dr. Mizba Amreen
1 year
Dr. Mizba Amreen
English, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi

Dr. Mizba Amreen


Dr. Mizba Amreen is a general physician at Allo Health.

Sexual health and wellbeing are integral aspects of an individual's overall physical, emotional, and social health. A holistic approach to sexual health encompasses not only the absence of diseases or disorders but also the promotion of positive sexual experiences and relationships. Open and informed conversations about sexual health empower individuals to make responsible decisions, access necessary healthcare services, and engage in respectful and consensual relationshipsHoping to evolve as a society to overcome the stigma about sexual health and well being.

Dr. Mizba Amreen
Highly Recommended For
Dr. Mizba Amreen
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Premature Ejaculation (PE)
  • Vaginismus(pain while attempting sex)
  • Sex/Porn Addiction
  • Mastrubation Addiction
  • Anorgasmia (not getting orgasm)
  • Delayed Ejaculation (DE)
  • Female sexual disorders
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (reduced interest over sex)
  • Low libido
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Retrograde Ejaculation
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Dr. Mizba Amreen

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