Low Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire can be influenced by a variety of factors - physical, mental, and emotional.

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Why is my Sex Drive so Low?


What is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?

Female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD) is a condition in which the individual's body does not respond to sexual stimulation. It is a sexual dysfunction that is very common but treatable. Some symptoms of FSAD include low sexual desire or libido, lack of sexual thoughts, decreased sexual excitement, reduced arousal from internal or external stimulation, and lack of sensation in the genitalia or other arousal parts of the body.

What are the causes of low libido or low sexual desire?

There are various causes - both physical and psychological - that can affect sexual desire or libido. Some include mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression, increased stress, insecurities, and low-self esteem, physical/sexual abuse, hormonal conditions, medication side effects, etc.

How does alcohol affect sexual health?

Alcohol has the ability to interfere with sexual stimulation by disrupting the signals sent between the brain and the genitals. It is common for those with alcoholism to experience low sexual desire, disruption in arousal (lubrication in women, and erection in men), and ejaculation disorders (such as delayed ejaculation).

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