There are many causes of infertility - some direct, others indirect.

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Unconsummated Relationships Explained

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What are the common causes of an unconsummated relationship?

ED is considered to be the most common cause, followed by conditions such as vaginismus or vaginal stenosis and other concerns such as forced marriage where there is a lack of sexual desire. However, here are the different possible causes for unconsummated marriages: Physical problems such as pain disorders such as vulvodynia, sexual dysfunction such as Erectile dysfunction, and psychological problems such as severe anxiety and fear. Besides the problems mentioned above, it can also be caused by the lack of awareness when it comes to sexual anatomy and physiology. Some couples do not have the right tools/access to understand sexual positions or techniques.

Can Vaginismus lead to Infertility?

While it isn’t right to say that Vaginismus has a direct impact on fertility, the symptoms that it causes can do so. Women who experience symptoms experience intense discomfort and pain during penetrative sexual intercourse. This makes penis penetration impossible - something that is needed for sperm to be ejaculated into the vagina for conception to be possible. Due to this, some women who have Vaginismus may struggle with infertility because they are unable to consummate their marriage, and therefore are unable to conceive.

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