Understanding The Types Of Vaginismus

August 26, 2022
Sexual Disorders

Vaginismus is a condition that causes pelvic floor muscle spasms in women. This can make it hard for those experiencing these spasms to have penetrative sexual intercourse or put a tampon in. Anything being inserted into the vagina can cause pain and discomfort. While the condition is fairly common, it is often forgotten that there are different types of Vaginismus.

Let’s first start with the basics of Vaginismus. We’ll then get into the types:

What are the symptoms of Vaginismus?
The physical symptoms caused by Vaginismus include discomfort/pain:

- When inserting/removing feminine products (tampons) into the vagina
- When engaging in vaginal penetration during and after sexual intercourse 

The psychological implications of Vaginismus include:

- Fear and anxiety associated with sex and/or vaginal penetration
- Depression, low libido due to unsatisfactory sexual experiences, and/or fear/anxiety

What are the causes of Vaginismus?

The causes behind vaginismus aren’t clear cut, but professionals believe that the following may cause the condition:

- Fear is associated with the physical appearance and size of the vagina  
- A traumatizing or bad early or first sexual experience
- Abuse associated with genitalia 
- Belief in negative thoughts about sex 
- Having had a medical condition such as a yeast infection
- Having a first gynaecological examination was unpleasant 

The Types Of Vaginismus

Primary Vaginismus
- Women that have always experienced symptoms of Vaginismus, from the first time they tried to have sexual intercourse or any other activity involving vaginal insertion. Some women may experience symptoms such as burning sensations and pain as well.

Secondary Vaginismus
- Women that have not always experienced symptoms of Vaginismus - it has occurred later (or at any stage) in life or may have not occurred at all. Most commonly, women experience these types of Vaginismus after certain events such as menopause, abuse, emotional trauma, surgery, childbirth, etc.

Situational Vaginismus
- Women who experience Vaginismus symptoms with some types of penetration but not others. For example, a woman may not be able to have sex, but can insert a tampon.

Global Vaginismus
- Women who experience Vaginismus symptoms during all forms of vaginal penetration: during sexual intercourse, tampon insertion, foreplay (finger insertion), and gynecological examples. 

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