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Case Study | Unconsummated Relationship | Performance Anxiety (M) | Anorgasmia (F) 

September 1, 2022

We reached out to the many users our expert panel has been able to treat in the past few months. With voluntary consent, many of our users shared their experiences with us, which our team had collated to be present in our case studies series. We hope that these candid and honest testimonials will help reduce the fear and hesitancy associated with seeking help for sexual health concerns. 

At A Glance

💍 Married couple | Male, 32 & Female, 29
🩺 Diagnosis: Unconsummated Marriage | Performance Anxiety in Male & Anorgasmia in Female
🥼 Doctor Consulted: Sexual & Relationship Psychotherapist
Treatment Duration: 6 weeks
💊 Care Plan: Couple Sex Therapy

Journey Before Allo - Allo's Snapshot

The couple got married 3 years ago, and during that time had managed to live a happy and satisfying life. However, the pressure to have a child started to become heavy as family members continued to pry. While most other aspects of their marriage were all right, the couple was dissatisfied with their sexual intimacy as they were unable to consummate (unable to have sexual intercourse) their marriage after repeated attempts.
This significantly affected the couple's mental health, and their marriage continued to suffer. Due to the stigma associated with sexual health in this country, the couple was admittedly too embarrassed to seek help with their personal sexual disorders. It was due to this they were unable to consummate their marriage, further exaggerating their levels of frustration with each other.
While this short patient story highlights the fact that sexual disorders can be treatable, it also focuses on how a little courage and encouragement coupled with effective treatment can go a long way.

Journey With Allo

Assessment Form‍

This 4-minute form is divided into six sections and captures a user's complete history relevant to their concern(s). The form helps Allo assign the right doctor for the user along with helping in determining a personalised plan for them. A dedicated Care Expert will be with you throughout your wellness journey.

The male partner discovered Allo through an online Ad and filled up the assessment form based on the concerns he had with his wife. This snapshot presents his Assessment Form answers that the doctor thoroughly read through before he consulted with the couple.

Case Study | Unconsummated Relationship | Performance Anxiety (M) | Anorgasmia (F) assessment form
Case Study | Unconsummated Relationship | Performance Anxiety (M) | Anorgasmia (F) 


- “This was the first time my wife and I were consulting with a doctor together from separate homes. While we were still having interpersonal issues, we were very happy with our consultation and later decided to move back in together convinced that this treatment approach would work.”
- “The doctor not only listened to each of our concerns but assured us that, together, we could help each other with our sex life and marriage. This open and non-judgemental attitude was so different from the gossip "they're childless" banter we had previously endured.”

Doctor's Diagnosis

“The patient and his wife were dissatisfied with their sexual experiences. The male experienced performance anxiety which led to his wife feeling a lack of satisfaction during any sexual activity. During the time of the first consultation, the couple had been separated. I prescribed Sex Therapy for the couple and suggested that they both begin therapy in the next consultation session. No medications were necessary or prescribed.”

During the discussion with the couple in their first therapy session, I informed the male partner that there is a lack of understanding on his part when it comes to female arousal and climax. While the male partner does have performance anxiety, the female partner also experienced Anorgasmia.

Anorgasmia is a condition that refers to the consistent difficulty in reaching an orgasm despite different types and numerous attempts of sexual stimulation. Women find it harder to reach orgasm compared to men. Orgasms are of different intensities and frequencies and can differ in the amount and duration of sexual stimulation to be triggered.

Care Plan

3 Couple Sex Therapy Sessions
The therapy sessions involved a stepwise approach to help the couple get over the performance anxiety and begin to enjoy intimacy without worrying about the outcome. It is introduced in a systematic stepwise manner which allows the couple to "pace" their intimacy gently/gradually. This allows for the alleviation of undue pressure on one or both of the partners. It is not a one-size treatment that can fix all cases - a therapist modifies the exercises involved in each of the stages basis their patient(s) sexual dysfunction(s).

First Therapy Session

"During the first therapy session with my wife, the therapist explained to us what Couple Sex Therapy meant and how it would positively affect our treatment journey. We were also given a handbook on it and we were nervous to start this because we had never heard about it before. This handbook helped, and the therapist definitely eased our fears. We were told to begin the first stage of the exercises, and continue to do them until our next therapy session."

Second Therapy Session

"In the second therapy session, we focused more on pleasure giving and receiving. This was something that my wife and I never knew about. After this session, we practiced this step about 8 times. During this time we learned to trust each other as well as communicate our wants and needs. We now understood what our therapist meant by the mind-body connection."

Third Therapy Session

"It had taken a bit more than 5 weeks of our time and effort during our therapy sessions. We are sure that due to the support we received, we were able to focus on healing, understanding, and communicating with each other. We were very grateful to say that we were able to consummate our marriage. I was able to get through my performance anxiety, and my wife was able to get through her Anorgasmia."

Treatment Journey - Allo's Snapshot

Case Study | Unconsummated Relationship | Performance Anxiety (M) | Anorgasmia (F) 

- "One of the main things we learned as a couple when going through therapy was that medications are not always required for sexual health disorders. While medications, we learned, do help, our mental health needed healing too. This was a big eye opener for us."
- "As we learned to prioritize our treatment with our therapy sessions - we learned how sexual intimacy is a big part of a couple's sex life. Sex isn't just a physical activity, rather, it requires the mind and body to connect - we had lost focus of this, and now we can say this is all we focus on."
- "Lastly, even though we have had sexual experiences, we realized that we truly didn't know the facts about the sexual response cycle. Through our therapy sessions, we were given a handbook on 'Know Your Body', which helped us not only understand the reproductive anatomy but how the body as a whole can be part of sexual experiences."

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personalised, discreet, and judgement-free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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