Case Study | Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

August 30, 2022
Erectile Dysfunction

We reached out to the many users our expert panel has been able to treat in the past few months. With voluntary consent, many of our users shared their experience with us which our team had collated to be present in our case studies series. We hope that these candid and honest testimonials will help reduce the fear and hesitancy associated with seeking help for sexual health concerns.

At A Glance

👨🏽 Male, 28, unmarried, heterosexual
🩺 Diagnosis: Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction
🥼 Doctor Consulted: Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy Expert
⏱ Treatment Duration: 2 months
🥒 Diet & Lifestyle Advice: Quit smoking & daily exercise
💊 Care Plan: Medications & Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Journey Before Allo - Allo's Snapshot

Symptoms Experienced

- "I started to masturbate when I reached puberty at age 13.  Everything was fine at that time. I was able to get erections - in the morning and when I wanted to masturbate."
- "I started having sex at the age of 20 and noticed that I had erection problems. I thought it was a one-time thing and pushed it off to a bad first experience."
- "Every other time I tried to have sex, I continued to have the same symptoms. I developed a fear of being in relationships and became depressed."

Doctor Consulted

- "After 8 years, at 28, I decided to seek treatment. I consulted with two general physicians and one urologist and was prescribed expensive medications for months."

Treatment Experience

- "When I was going through 6 months of treatment I saw no improvement. I was still unable to sustain an erection. I didn't understand what the cause was at all."

Journey With Allo

Assessment Form

This 4-minute form is divided into six sections and captures a user's complete history relevant to their concern(s). The form helps Allo assign the right doctor for the user along with helping in determining a personalised plan for them. A dedicated Care Expert will be with you throughout your wellness journey.

- "I was asked questions not only about my condition, but also my lifestyle - something in the months of undergoing treatment, I was never asked. I immediately realised that this time might be different."
- "There were a few questions that I didn't know how to answer - I had reached out to my assigned Care Expert who helped me understand what I had to do. That reassurance helped reduce my hesitancy a lot."


Our doctors specialise in the spectrum of sexual wellness - including modern medicine, psychosexual therapy and surgical intervention.

"I was expecting a quick symptom check but...."
"I was greeted with respect and an open attitude."
"The reason behind my symptoms were explained to me in detail."
"Comfort, I realised, is something I had not felt in a while speaking to a care professional. I felt safe."

"I didn't understand how therapy could help me but...."
"I now have a clearer picture of how my psychological health affected my sex life."
- "I was hesitant about therapy but was assured that a combination of it and medications would positively affect my symptoms."
- "My therapy sessions have not only been eye-opening, but I am now able to treat my mental health conditions - an option I wasn't given by other doctors before."

"I was expecting to be given a treatment plan and that's it, but...."
- "Throughout my journey with Allo - from before the consultation to during my follow-ups with therapy, I was always checked-up on by my Care Expert."
- "Because of this, I feel confident and have seen improvements already."
- "My consultations and treatment have greatly improved my outlook towards my future sexual experiences."

Doctor's Diagnosis

"The patient was unable to "perform" because, after his past sexual experiences and attempts he developed insecurity and is also anxious by nature. He further developed a loss of sexual desire which affected his self-esteem. All of this has led to Sexual Performance Anxiety and avoidance of any sexual intimacy."

1st sexual experience --> Experienced ED symptoms --> Inadequate resources & Ineffective treatment --> Sexual Performance Anxiety --> Psychogenic ED

Care Plan

A holistic approach of prescribed medications and Individual Sex Therapy.

Therapy For ED: When used in combination with sexual stimulation, a PDE-5 inhibitor aids in the increase of penis blood flow resulting in sustained erections.
Phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor: This type of therapy helped the patient understand information on their diagnosis of Psychogenic ED along with coping and treating their Performance Anxiety.

Treatment Journey - Allo's Snapshot

- "This was the first time I was prescribed a combination of therapy and medications. I didn't understand how therapy could help me because I didn't realize that it could have any effect on my sex life."
- "The valuable lesson I learned is that one consultation can go a long way. It may be nerve-wracking, and previous experiences may be disheartening, but sexual dysfunction can be treated. "
- "I now understand that my sexual performance anxiety led to my reduced sexual desire and low self-esteem."-
- "I have come to realise that I have to also learn to take care of my psychological health along with my physical health."

Treatment Journey - 2 months

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personalised, discreet, and judgement-free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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