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Case Study | Premature Ejaculation

September 1, 2022
Premature Ejaculation

We reached out to the many users our expert panel has been able to treat in the past few months. With voluntary consent, many of our users shared their experiences with us, which our team had collated to be present in our case studies series. We hope that these candid and honest testimonials will help reduce the fear and hesitancy associated with seeking help for sexual health concerns. 

At A Glance

👨🏽 Male, 32, married, heterosexual
🩺 Diagnosis: Premature Ejaculation
🥼 Doctor Consulted: Sexual and Relationship Psychotherapy Expert
Treatment Duration: 1.5 months
🤒 Other Conditions: Wheezing allergies
💊 Care Plan: Medications | tablets & ointments

Journey Before Allo - Allo's Snapshot

Symptoms Experienced

- "I was married for 3 months at the time I started to experience quick ejaculation. I was not able to engage in sex with my wife at all."
- "I felt very dissatisfied with my erections - they were not hard enough for me to try penetration. It has affected my confidence and my marriage."

Doctor Consulted

- "I consulted with my general physician, who had said my weight was an issue but my BMI was normal. I was told that "with time" things will get better, as I was newlywed."

Treatment Experience

- "Still, I reduced a lot of weight in 1 month but didn't see any improvements. 2 other doctors I reached out to for help were able to diagnose me with PE but could not help me with effective treatment."
- "For 3 months I was told to take herbal supplements - I have seen no results. I decided that it was time I research and find a doctor that could help me understand why I have PE and what can be done."

Journey With Allo

Assessment Form‍

This 4-minute form is divided into six sections and captures a user's complete history relevant to their concern(s). The form helps Allo assign the right doctor for the user along with helping in determining a personalised plan for them. A dedicated Care Expert will be with you throughout your wellness journey.

- "When I first found Allo, I was not hesitant to try consulting with them because I was desperate. I went ahead with filling up the assessment form and was surprised at the detailed questionnaire."
- "I was not only asked questions about my general health and lifestyle, but also specific questions about my symptoms with premature ejaculation. This was never the case before in any of my previous consultation experiences."


Our doctors specialise in the spectrum of sexual wellness - including modern medicine, psychosexual therapy and surgical intervention.

- "Before my consultation, a Care Expert reached out to me to brief me about what's going to happen. Knowing that the process was easy and that I was always taken care of, helped my nerves calm down before my first consultation."
- "My Doctor had gone through the form that I had filled online. He knew about my medical history, did an excellent consultation, and patiently counseled and reassured me about PE and the various treatment options that Allo provides. I felt I was not being judged and was able to speak about my symptoms, doubts, and fears with no embarrassment. "

Doctor's Diagnosis

“Patient history is suggestive of Primary Premature Ejaculation. He ejaculates under 2 minutes all or most of the time. This is a common problem faced by many men, and due to the stigma associated with sexual disorders, many don't know that symptoms can improve through holistic treatment."

Care Plan

A holistic approach of prescribed medications and Individual Sex Therapy.

"After I purchased the treatment plan, a Care Expert helped me through the process. I had some questions about the medications I was prescribed and was sent an informational handbook to understand how my medications were going to help me."
- "My doctor had asked me to practise the Stop-Start Technique. He explained to me how it's performed and told me that doing this exercise over a couple of weeks will help me understand my threshold for ejaculation."
"I was able to understand both the technique and my diagnosis through the information provided by the Care Expert. The PE handbook was very helpful to me - I was able to understand my treatment and its progress."
- "I was very nervous about receiving any medications, but Allo delivered them discreetly. I was very grateful for this and was able to afford my medications with their discount. The medications were delivered within 2 days and I was able to begin following my Care Plan quickly."
- "I was unsure of the medications I was prescribed and was worried about the side effects it would cause. My Doctor assured me that it would be all right, but the Medicine handbook provided to me after my consultation helped me the most."

Treatment Journey - Allo's Snapshot

Case Study | Premature Ejaculation treatment duration
Treatment Journey: 1.5 months

- "I have learned to trust doctors with solutions based on medical facts. My doctor explained that following medicine dosages carefully and having follow-up consultations make a huge difference - I can now vouch for that."
- "The handbook on Premature Ejaculation and the Stop-Start technique were a big asset. Learning about my condition gave me the confidence to continue my treatment plan."
- "Premature Ejaculation is much more common than I thought. After my consultations with the right doctor and my one-month care plan I was able to see amazing results with my PE symptoms."

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personalised, discreet, and judgement-free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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