Case Study | Erectile Dysfunction | Premature Ejaculation | Diabetes

September 1, 2022
Sexual Disorders

We reached out to the many users our expert panel has been able to treat in the past few months. With voluntary consent, many of our users shared their experiences with us, which our team had collated to be present in our case studies series. We hope that these candid and honest testimonials will help reduce the fear and hesitancy associated with seeking help for sexual health concerns. 

At A Glance

👨🏽 Male, 32, married 6-8 months
🩺 Diagnosis: Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation | Pre-Diabetes
🥼 Doctor Consulted: Sexual Medicine and Psychiatry Expert
Treatment Duration: 1 month
💊 Care Plan: Medications

Journey Before Allo - Allo's Snapshot

Symptoms Experienced

-"Since I was younger I had concerns with ejaculating quickly - I ignored it. But, it became a bigger problem when I got married."

Doctor Consulted

-"My wife was upset that I refused to talk to anybody about my symptoms. After 8 months of marriage, I became frustrated as well so I consulted with a homeopathic doctor."

Treatment Experience

- "I was taking homeopathic supplements and OTC nutraceuticals that didn't improve my problems. I consulted with Allo after seeing an online Ad."

Journey With Allo

Assessment Form‍

This 4-minute form is divided into six sections and captures a user's complete history relevant to their concern(s). The form helps Allo assign the right doctor for the user along with helping in determining a personalised plan for them. A dedicated Care Expert will be with you throughout your wellness journey.

"I was nervous to go through a consultation because I didn't want to speak about my issues. I was relieved to find that Allo's first step was an Assessment form. I was able to answer the form at my own pace and with no pressure - it made a huge difference to me. I felt more relaxed about my upcoming consultation because I knew that the doctor would have my details.

The assessment form had very simple questions, and for words that were not common, there were explainers - which was something that helped me answer the form honestly. It was a great first step - I felt hopeful and confident."

Case Study | Erectile Dysfunction | Premature Ejaculation | Diabetes - Assessment Form

Consultation & Doctor's Diagnosis

First consultation

👨🏽: "During the first consultation, my doctor was patient as I spoke about the history of my ejaculation symptoms. She explained to me what the possible causes of my symptoms are and that I was experiencing them due to a sexual disorder called Premature Ejaculation. It was a shock at first, but I felt comfortable as the doctor explained how my treatment would move forward. I felt that with her support, my symptoms would improve."

🥼: "The patient was nervous to learn about his diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation. I explained to him that it is actually quite a common condition that can be treated. After prescribing him medications, I recommended he also get a Fasting Glucose test as I suspected he may have diabetes based on his medical history. To calm his nerves, I also provided him with a handbook on PE - so he can understand his diagnosis - what it is, how it happens, and how there are solutions."

Follow-up consultation

👨🏽: "I had my follow-up consultation with my same consultant doctor in two weeks. During this consultation, I explained to her more of my symptoms - this time related to my erections. She explained to me that since I experienced anxiety before sex, I was experiencing Erectile Dysfunction as well. My test results had also come back as I had pre-diabetes. She explained that my sexual dysfunction symptoms would significantly improve if I treated my pre-diabetes with lifestyle changes."

🥼: "During the second consultation, the patient was very happy with his results from his first two weeks of treatment. His follow-up care plan included medications for Erectile Dysfunction as well - his BMI and pre-diabetes were a concern and needed attention. This holistic approach is one of the best for him as he has multiple concerns - it produces long-term effective results. Just like with PE, he was also given an ED handbook - education on one's own will and pace should be encouraged."

Care Plan

Case Study | Erectile Dysfunction | Premature Ejaculation | Diabetes care plan
Case Study | Erectile Dysfunction | Premature Ejaculation | Diabetes - Allo Care Plan

ℹ️ A PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase-5) inhibitor, when used in combination with sexual stimulation, aids in the increase of penis blood flow resulting in sustained erections.
ℹ️ An SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) helps in the treatment of premature ejaculation symptoms. It increases brain serotonin levels, which can positively impact mood, emotion, and sleep. When inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin, it helps control and delay ejaculation.
ℹ️ The amino acid helps in the building of protein and the release of growth hormones. Once inside the body, it converts into nitric oxide which plays a significant role in relaxing the smooth muscle tissues - a process that leads to blood flow in the penis.

Treatment Journey - Allo's Snapshot

Case Study | Erectile Dysfunction | Premature Ejaculation | Diabetes treatment journey

- "Even though I knew I had ejaculation problems, I didn't know that Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation could affect me together. I am grateful that I was well diagnosed and treated."
- "It was very hard for me to accept that I was experiencing ED. I thought that only older men experience it. I feel men should be educated on this. It can help their lives a lot."
- "During this process of consulting with the right doctor, I am also very grateful that my pre-diabetes was caught early. I am very appreciative of the lifestyle advice and holistic treatment I received."

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personalised, discreet, and judgement-free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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