Can Vaginismus Lead To Infertility?

August 26, 2022
Sexual Disorders

Vaginismus is a condition in which the muscles in the vagina tighten up during penetration. There is no physical cause associated with this female sexual dysfunction. It is said to be caused by psychological factors, but while there are no direct organic causes, there can be contributory physical causes too. Vaginal tightening is the body's response/reaction to the fear associated or discomfort with vaginal penetration. Women don't have control over the tightening, and it can be painful. The condition can also affect an individual's arousal or desire to have sex. 

What is the impact of Vaginismus on fertility?

While it isn’t right to say that Vaginismus has a direct impact on fertility, the symptoms that it causes can do so. Women who experience symptoms experience intense discomfort and pain during penetrative sexual intercourse. This makes penis penetration impossible - something that is needed for sperm to be ejaculated into the vagina for conception to be possible. Due to this, some women who have Vaginismus may struggle with infertility because they are unable to consummate their marriage, and therefore are unable to conceive. 

While infertility is a negative implication of the condition, unfortunately, this can further complicate things by leading to psychological conditions Such as depression and anxiety, and insecurities add-interpersonal issues. This is not to say that women with Vaginismus can’t have babies - treating the condition is possible and so is conception.

The treatment for Vaginismus revolves around sex therapy after identifying the exact cause behind it. This would include working on resolving any negative thoughts related to sex or vaginal penetration. In addition to this, experts suggest pelvic floor exercises to gradually help the female get used to penetrative sex. The following are the common treatment options for Vaginismus:

- Psychosexual therapy
- Relaxation Therapy 
- Physical exercise 
- Sensate Focus Therapy 

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personalised, discreet, and judgement-free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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