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Can Excessive Masturbation Cause ED?

February 2, 2022
Erectile Dysfunction

There are way too many rumors about masturbation that many of us tend to believe — from some saying that it can cause hair loss and acne, and others saying that it could cause infertility. Masturbation is the self-stimulation of the genitals for sexual pleasure, and it is a prominent part of an individual's sex life and sexual health.

There is a lot of shame and stigma [Role Of Masturbation: Young Adult Perceptions] associated with masturbation leading individuals to not talk about it openly. This allows for misinformation [Masturbation Prevalence & Associated Factors In Older Adults] and fear to spread. The truth is, there is nothing unhealthy or bad about masturbation. It can be good for your health, emotionally, mentally, and physically. There are various benefits to masturbation such as better sleep, stress reliever, reduces muscle tension, and can even improve your self-esteem.

The amount that people masturbate does depend on their sexual libido. However, what we are going to talk about is understanding how excessive masturbation can be unhealthy. Of course, there isn’t a number limit for you to identify if you have been masturbating excessively. But, it can be considered “too much” if it disrupts your daily life — such as affects your responsibilities, causes mental frustration, results in interpersonal problems within a relationship, causes physical soreness, or leads to disrupted erectile function. If you may be going through something like this, we encourage you to speak to a psychiatrist/psychologist.

ED and Masturbation

‘Cause’ is a heavy word, and masturbation itself is NOT directly linked to ED. What does happen however is that men who excessively masturbate become habituated to being stimulated in that specific way. This then makes it difficult for them to be stimulated during sex with a partner, or any other form of stimulation causing disrupted erectile function in those instances. Another fact is that sometimes individuals are unable to get an erection after excessively masturbating. This, however, has everything to do with the male refractory period — the recovery time a man goes through before he is able to get an erection again.

Sexual health is as important as physical and mental health. In most cases, one consultation can go a long way. Personlised, discreet and judgement free treatment at your fingertips - book an online consultation with one of Allo’s leading experts.

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