Couple Sex Therapy Uses - sexual pain disorders

Sexual Pain disorders 

Many sexual pain disorders can cause pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Therefore, they are considered to be one of the reasons couples have problems during sex which can be improved after undergoing Couple Sex Therapy which includes Sensate Focus.

Male Sexual Pain Disorders

Peyronie's disease 

This condition results from the formation of penis scar tissue that can cause abnormal curvature or bending and painful erections.

Female Sexual Pain Disorders


Vaginismus is a condition that causes involuntary muscle spasms during sexual intercourse. The psychologically dependent condition disrupts penis-vaginal penetration as the vaginal muscles contract resulting in pain while attempting penile penetration. 


Dyspareunia or painful sexual intercourse caused by conditions such as:

Atrophic Vaginitis

In this condition, there is thinning and drying of the vaginal walls along with possible inflammation. One of the most common causes of Atrophic Vaginitis is the drop in the production of estrogen, such as during menopause. Due to the lack of lubrication, vaginal penetration can cause discomfort and pain.

Vestibulodynia or Vulvodynia

These conditions result in chronic vaginal opening pain-causing intense discomfort and pain when sitting, or during sexual intercourse.

Internal Cystitis

This condition refers to chronic and painful inflammation of the bladder. The symptoms experienced by the patient include bladder and pelvic pain and pressure which can cause individuals to deter away from sexual intercourse.

Pelvic Floor Hypertonus

In this condition, the pelvic floor muscles are unable to relax causing symptoms such as pain during sex, constipation, and pelvic pain.

Vulvar Dermatological Conditions

Skin conditions such as folliculitis, contact dermatitis, lichen sclerosus, and Bartholin gland cysts fall under this category. Due to the discomfort, inflammation, and possible pain caused by these conditions, sex is commonly avoided.


This is a disorder in which uterine tissue grows outside of the uterus such as in the ovaries, intestine, and/or the fallopian tubes. Endometriosis causes symptoms such as menstrual pain and irregularities, pain during defecating and sexual intercourse, and in some cases, infertility.

Relationship Concerns

Good sex and good relationships go hand-in-hand. In fact, seldom do couples who have major relationship concerns experience a good sexual relationship - the opposite stands as well. Sexual intimacy encompasses both physical and emotional aspects and is commonly the glue that can bond the couple and improve relationships. 

There are many concerns - physical and emotional - that can cause a drift in a marriage. While there is a stigma on speaking up about marital problems, many experts encourage couples to consider therapy. Often, couples don't realize how problems in a marriage can affect their sex life and sexual health. Here are some common concerns that could disrupt intimacy between couples.

- Lack of communication
- Sexual dysfunctions or disorders
- Substance or alcohol abuse
- Infidelity or domestic abuse

Good relationships include many parts and the following are some tips that can help improve you and your partners’  physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health.

- Engage in judgement-free communication
- Be willing to resolve conflict
- Prioritise emotional intimacy
- Engage in operational intimacy: opening up to your partner about your daily life experiences
- Communicate and mutually decide on recreation/Breeding
- Be willing to intergenerational conflict resolution: this includes concerns that are associated with extended family members that can take a toll on the couple.