Vaginismus Exercises

Physical therapy - or exercises, - is used in Vaginismus treatment - it is a set of exercises that one can do. This helps women alleviate the fear associated with vaginal penetration. However, the process is gradual and therefore is better understood as de-sensitisation. Here are some of the ways this is done by professionals:
These exercises are encouraged to be done over a few days/weeks - depending on the severity of the condition.


Increasing sensitivity and reducing the fear of touching parts of the vagina is the goal of professionals who suggest their patients touch themselves. This helps them get comfortable and stay in control, helping to alleviate any anxiety.

Finger insertion exercises

Due to the fear associated with penetration, the goal is to help the patient become comfortable with insertion. Professionals suggest that, when ready, they should try to insert their fingers into their vaginal opening.

Vaginal trainers

These are suggested to patients when they are ready - these are tube-like devices that help stretch the vaginal opening. They are available in several sizes - which can increase during treatment.