Diet & Exercise For Erectile Dysfunction

Pelvic floor exercises

These help with strengthening the pelvic floor. Most commonly done by women to help regain muscle tone after child delivery, they also help with sexual wellness. Kegels, a type of pelvic floor exercise, can particularly help improve the strength of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. These types of exercises help improve incontinence, manage conditions such as prostatitis and BPH, and of course, increase male sexual pleasure by helping men have greater control over ejaculation and orgasm.

Image:Pelvic floor exercises & Aerobic Exercises For ED
Pelvic floor exercises & Aerobic Exercises For ED

Aerobic exercises

Exercises such as brisk walking or jogging are examples of aerobic or cardio exercises — this means that they help in cardiovascular conditioning. They help in keeping the blood vessels clear, and so, can improve one’s sex life. MSDs such as ED, are commonly caused by problems with the blood flow to the penis. Factors such as diabetes, high cholesterol, or concerns in weight management leading to obesity, can affect blood flow and lead to ED symptoms. Aerobic exercises help in all these conditions and improve sexual functioning.

While exercise - aerobic and pelvic floor exercises - are highly recommended as a lifestyle modification while dealing with ED. It is important to remember that overdoing exercises can also stress the body which can lead to the worsening of ED symptoms. Listen to your body, and don't push limits.

Text: statstic, As per a research paper, 40 minutes of aerobic exercise (moderate to vigorous) and 160 minutes of weekly exercise (of any type) for 6 months can positively affect erectile problems when with ED.

Besides the ones in the image, Aerobic exercises include dancing, water aerobics, biking, walking, hiking, kick-boxing, treadmill, elliptical, etc. - essentially anything that gets your heart pumping. Pelvic Floor Exercises include heel slides, Happy Baby Pose, diaphragmatic breathing, etc.


Lifestyle modifications can have a significant impact on sexual health along with overall health. However, there are various causes of men’s sexual dysfunction. This cause should be determined by an urologist, an andrologist, and/or a psychiatrist before a treatment plan is put in place. Treating the underlying causes of MSDs is an effective way to approach maintaining sexual health. Another way is the understanding
that small lifestyle modifications, lead to healthy formed habits which allow for a better sex life.

According to a study, ED symptoms were improved in men that consumed a Mediterranean diet — a diet that helps keep conditions such as
diabetes and cardiovascular diseases at bay). Furthermore, men with higher BMI that lost weight through healthy diets saw improved erectile function.

So, how does diet help with Erectile Dysfunction(ED), a common sexual disorder?
You may have heard that ED could be an early indicator of heart disease. Blood flow is one of the most important factors when it comes to getting and maintaining an erection. Health concerns, some of which are closely associated with a bad diet, can increase the risk of developing or worsening ED symptoms.

These health issues include being physically inactive, binge drinking, atherosclerosis, and most importantly, obesity. Diets that are high in fats, and carbohydrates, contribute to obesity, which further can lead to worsening ED symptoms. Do you see the connection?

Some foods improve erectile function by aiding in improved blood flow and increased testosterone and nitric oxide production.

You may be wondering, what are some foods that help with this and why do they help?

Nitrate containing foods

Nitrates are natural chemical compounds. They can cause vasodilation (that occurs with the relaxation of arteriolar and sinusoidal smooth muscle) that helps an erection.

Furthermore, they also produce nitric oxide, which is beneficial
for vascular health and blood flow.

Nitrate containing foods for ED
Nitrate-containing foods for ED

Zinc containing foods

A study found that men who received 30 milligrams of this essential mineral per day showed increased levels of free testosterone in their bodies. Low levels of testosterone can affect erectile function.

Zinc containing foods For ED
Zinc containing foods for ED

L Arginine containing foods

This amino acid found in protein helps in the creation of nitric oxide, which further helps in smooth muscle relaxation that allows for an erection to be maintained. L
arginine is said to help as another research study discovered that men with ED commonly have low levels of the amino acid.

L Arginine containing foods for ED
L Arginine containing foods for ED

Lycopene-containing foods

This natural compound is found in foods that are commonly pink or red. This is because it contains a chemical called carotenoid, which has a natural red/pink pigment.

Research has suggested that lycopene improved ED in rats, allowing researchers to explore the idea of the compound possibly becoming a treatment option. Another study further revealed that the compound has benefits for cardiovascular health — which is a major aspect of ED.

Lycopene-containing foods for ED
Lycopene-containing foods for ED

Flavonoid containing foods

These are compounds naturally found in fruits and vegetables. They are rich in antioxidant activity and detoxification.These compounds help in increasing blood flow and nitric oxide — the latter is needed for muscles in the penis to relax allowing for the chambers of the penis to fill with blood resulting in an erection.

Flavonoid containing foods for ED
Flavonoid containing foods for ED