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Sexual Medicine and Psychiatry
Dr. Karthik K N
13 years of experience

Dr. Karthik K N

English, Kannada, Hindi
  • MBBS, M.D. (Psychiatry)
Dr. Karthik obtained his MD in Neuropsychiatry from JSS Medical College. Having been trained in the fields, he exclusively practiced sexual medicine and infertility for four years at Manipal Fertility. He has obtained certification in both sexual medicine and andrology. He also teaches undergraduates and post graduates in the field of sexual medicine and psychiatry.
"Due to misconceptions and the lack of education around sexual disorders, people are hesitant to consult with professionals. In some cases, even a single consultation can change lives. It’s time that we break the stigma and encourage people to speak up to help better their conditions."
Dr. Karthik K N
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Sexual Dysfunction



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Best online experience I have ever had

Video visit

March 2, 2022

☺️ Comfortable Consultation

💵  Value for money

💊 Medicines Delivered Quickly

I was nervous about going through an online consultation. But, my experience with Allo health was very convenient. I had consulted many doctors for my problem in the past and didn't get any significant relief. But, with Dr. Karthik’s advice and prescribed medications I was able to overcome my ED symptoms.
Experienced improvements quickly, so happy

Video visit

February 22, 2022

➕ Positive Approach

👩💼 Great Support Staff

📄 Effective Treatment Results

I have been experiencing PE symptoms for that past 2 years. I was scared to consult yet another doctor claiming to provide effective results. However, by my first consultation with Dr. Karthik, I knew this time would be different as he explained everything to be thoroughly. I have been following his treatment plan for a month now, and I have seen significant improvement. It has helped the quality of my sex life greatly.
Dr. Karthik K N
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