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Sexual Medicine and Psychiatry
Dr. Adithya Sunka
5 years of experience

Dr. Adithya Sunka

English, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada
  • MBBS, MD (Psychiatry)
Dr Adithya Sunka graduated from Manipal college and has served as a medical officer under the Ministry of Labour, Government of India. He pursued an MD in Psychiatry from NIMHANS (Bengaluru) and has over 300 hours of experience in Psychiatric emergency services and Psychiatric rehabilitation. He is well versed in various Psychiatry specialties such as sexual medicine, addiction psychiatry, and behavior therapy. Currently, Dr Adithya works as an Assistant Professor in Dept. Of Psychiatry at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital and Kakatiya Medical College Hospital, Warangal.
“India is recognised to be the impotence capital of the world with a prevalence of sexual dysfunctions among both males and females. The stigma and lack of resources such as therapy have affected those that should seek treatment - a holistic strategy aims to bring accessible and affordable sexual health care to everyone. Let’s normalise sexual wellness, and unfold awareness around it.”
Dr. Adithya Sunka
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Sexual Dysfunction




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I was able to consummate my marriage

Video visit

June 17, 2022

☺️ Comfortable Consultation

🤗  Explanation of health issue

💵  Value for money

I had been married for 3 years, and was unable to have sex with my wife. I didn’t know the reason behind it and would get extreme anxiety during these times. Due to this, we were unable to get pregnant. In desperation, I decided to consult with Allo, and was assigned Dr Adithya. During my first consultation, I realised I made the right decision - I was diagnosed with Performance Anxiety. I was made to understand what this diagnosis meant and how therapy could help me relieve my anxiety with sex. After 3 therapy sessions I was able to consummate my marriage. My wife and I are so happy with the results, and we’re finally ready to try for a baby.
I didn’t know ‘Psychogenic ED’ was possible

Video visit

May 24, 2022

🧠 Knowledgable Doctor

🤗  Explanation of health issue

📄 Effective Treatment Results

I had been diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction by a previous doctor but saw no improvements with the medications he gave me. When I consulted with Dr Adithya, he told me that the reason behind my erectile dysfunction symptoms was psychological - I was so surprised because I didn’t know ‘Psychogenic ED’ was possible. I felt so comfortable with my consultation with Dr Adithya and understood how therapy could help me along with the medications. I am happy to say that my symptoms have drastically improved, and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Dr. Adithya Sunka
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