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Allo was started to fill the gap  for the Post Consultation Patient Care that exists for in the Indian ecosystem currently as a result of the lack of awareness. Allo is the industry’s first model for delivering high-quality post consult care at scale by empowering clinicians and patients and providing new efficiencies for allied personnels.

Pranay Jivrajka
Founder & CEO

Pranay is the founder of Allo Health, a startup focussed on making quality healthcare accessible to all.

An alumnus of IIT Bombay, Pranay was the Founding Partner of Ola and an integral part of company's leadership for close to a decade.

Prior to Ola, Pranay had been associated with Illumine, a Knowledge enablement lab and had also co-founded a strategic branding and design firm named dot JPEG.

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Allo Health

A digital health clinic seeking to normalise sexual wellness through personalised, judgement-free and discreet healthcare. With clinically-proven holistic solutions and an outcome driven approach, we guide our users through every step of their journey.

🖤 Let’s normalize sexual wellness.
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